Because We Care


We have accumulated vast knowledge generated within the group and with the experience, demands and requirements of the different markets where we operate.

This knowledge allows us to have solutions and answer with a service level of reference to our clients, partners and suppliers.

Level of service

Within the group, we have a large procurement team highly specialised and a vast network with the main players that allow us to have a unique response capacity to the different needs and specifications of each market.

With permanent stock of approximately 15,000 SKU’s stock, adequate to the needs and specifications of the markets where we operate, together with our installed capacity, it allows us to have a high level of response.

Our Client’s Portal allows to view the status of the client’s orders on-time, see shipments and access their documentation, verify the movements and access all documents of your current account.


The knowledge and synergies generated within the group allow us to offer the best value offer to clients and partners.


For over 20 years, we have built a high level of trust with all stakeholders.

Our reputation is undoubtedly a guarantee and a determining factor for those who work with us.

Compliance Policy

Our message

FHC | Farmacêutica actively participates in the effort to achieve greater integrity in business transactions, by fighting all corrupt practices, including extortion, solicitation and bribery.

It is our strong belief that only a system free of corruption makes it possible for all participants to compete on equal terms.